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Decorated cans DIY tutorial

This is my first DIY tutorial in english. Let's see how it goes. I'm not pro and my english is lousy. I just hope you got the point.
 I decorated some cans with paper napkins and varnish.
This is where I started
My superhandy husband made me this rack.

You need:

-Cans  Mine were babies milkpowder containers. There are lids in these. But almost any kind of can or container is ok. I have also decorated plywood boxes with paper napkins.
-Some kind of primer or base coat.
-Non color varnish for example decoupage
-Separate brushes for varnish and primer
-Nice paper napkins
- scissors
-little piece of fabric or foam
First you need to take labels off and wash your cans. Remember to dry those well.

Paint with primer.

Let dry over night.

Measure your can and cut fitting piece of napkin. If you have small design, like mine in this pic, you can cover the whole can with it. Then it's better to cut a little pit bigger piece than what you need. If you have bigger designs, like my apples, you can use only those figures.
Usually there are 2 or 3 layers in paper napkins. In this method you need only that one with design. So take of carefully those white layers.
Then apply thin layer of varnish to the can.

While varnish is still wet, apply napkin figure. If you are covering the whole can start from one edge.

Use some kind of fabric or foam to apply napkin. The varnish will dribble thru paper. If you use fabric, it's easy to use dry point all the time. When varnish is still wet you can carefully take your napkin away, move it or smooth it.
You need to be patient while doing this. Awoid wrinkles and cracks.

Cut extra napkin away.

Varnish that I used, dries very quickly. When I had applied napkins to all three cans, I could start next stage. If yours is different be sure that first layer of varnish is dry when you apply this last layer. So last layer of varnish is applied on the napkins.

Let it dry and it's ready.

I really like these ones I made. I think I'm gonna give two of them away so I need to make more for myself.

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